Florida is a Hot Spot For Franchises!

Are you thinking of starting a franchise? If so, we have good news for you! Florida offers the prime environment that your franchise needs to flourish, and that means more than just blue skies and warm weather. Our state has a plethora of economic benefits for your franchise!


For starters, there is no personal income tax in florida. That  means that you only have to pay federal taxes for your franchise, and you can save thousands of dollars each year! This money can be put towards helping your franchise grow and prosper.


Also, there are a ton of small business resources in Florida. Whether you go to an official small business development program, or seek out professional help in designing your website or managing advertisements, there are a ton of opportunities to give you a bright future in the sunshine state. And that includes all of us here at Kala Marketing Group.

If the magnitude of resources and the low taxes isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe high clientele rates are! Everyone wants to visit Florida, and these tourists can be great customers for your product or service! DId you know that last year, more than 88,000 people from around the world visited Florida? That’s a lot of potential customers! Also, as you know Florida is a hot spot destination for retirees and snowbirds! This means there is a high demand during the season, and a yearwide need for healthcare and senior care services.


Are you convinced yet? Look into franchise opportunities right here in Florida and get started! Or you can open your own small business from scratch. Whatever you decide, you can find your niche in the warm, sunny environment of South Florida.