website concept approval

Please fill out the form below and check the approval box  to approve your website concept design provided. This will allow us to move to the next step with adding content to your website.

Your submission of this form verifies that you are “signing off” on the artwork design and architecture setup of your new website only.  This sign-off also indicates you understand that future design edits to the master design  may incur additional fees. This is the blueprint for your new house, and you are telling us to begin construction based on these parameters.

Once you submit approval, we then finalize the pages, navigation, custom artwork, images, and add written content that entails all the information components within your new design. It’s the foundation, insulation, roof, flooring, electric, drywall, paint, etc.

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  Basic edits such as adding or changing pages, text, or pictures can be edited at any time before going live with the new site. However, changes that require changing the website design architecture will incur additional fees (moving walls, adding rooms, changing room dimensions.  (contact us for quote)

By checking this box I approve my website design concept as of today.
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